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Water Saving products

Water is the most precious liquid on earth.
Water means life.
Our planet consist of more than 70% of water. However, only a small portion of that water can be used as potable water. Besides, whether it is fresh water from a river or lake, the water is not readily potable.  To make it potable, it has to pass through some processing to make it safe for drinking.

On our Dutch Caribbean islands, there are no rivers, no lakes and only few people can afford a deepwell. The drinking water on these islands is produced by the utilities company which desalinates the seawater to produce potable water.
The desalination process is rather complex which means the water production costs are quite high.

Any family or household know that the biggest chunk of their monthly costs is defintely the utilities costs.
Since there is no natural fresh water sources, the expensive fresh water from the utilities company is used for drinking, irrigation, toilet flushing, bathing, car washing, house cleaning etc.
So, what choices does one have?

Using less water means lower monthly costs. Energy&Water Savers can provide water saving products for any customer.
Among others we can offer:
-Areators for your faucets. The areator will help you consume less water , and as the name says, it areates the water giving it "body". Due to the air bubbles in the water, it feels like a lot of water is running while the consumption can be about 50% less than the water that flow from a faucet without areator. (The saving depends on the type of aretor applied at the faucet)
Tanks and vessels to store rain water

-Scalewatcher, the state of the art electronic device to soften the water without applying chemicals.

-Reverse osmosis systems to to purify water and produce (safe-) drinking water.

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